Cooperation at eye level.

Due to our mezzanine financing, we provide equity substitution to project developers, builders and asset manangers. All of the partners financed by us are experienced and successful, but need a powerful mezzanine provider in order to implement new projects (et al equity fully invested in other projects).


We aim to establish a longterm and fair partnership with every new financing partner. Thus, we created a customer base of builders and project developers over the last years which we work together with regularly and trustfully.

At Eye Level

We are an entrepreneurial investor knowing the practical challenges of property developments from our own developments.

Financial Strenghts

We are a powerful and reliable mezzanine provider having financed more than 50 property developments over the last years with a financing volume of 2 to 15 million EUR per development.


In addition to classic project financing we invest also in more complex structures, such as financing of holding companies, combining several projects in one jointly financing structure or credit lines for fast property acquisitions.


In case of first time financing, we need 4 to 6 weeks for payout. For repeated cooperations we need much less time.

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